The Hanover Slug Fence - Details

Ban slugs and snails from your vegetable patch without chemicals
- use the Hanover slug fence (Made in Germany)

  • Consists of galvanized metal strips and corner pieces which prevent slugs from entering your vegetable patch or flower bed
  • Unique bent-over lip which slugs and snails can’t overcome
  • Modular system slots together, easy to install
  • Lasts for years (same material as drain pipes)
  • Reasonably priced – suitable for both small and large gardens
  • Buy a small kit today – buy more later when you have seen how good it is
  • Much better than beer traps, which simply attract more slugs from the neighbours
  • No chemicals (you don’t want to poison the birds, do you?)

The slugs are unable to climb around the double sharp bend at the top of the fence. The Hanover slug fence is made of robust, long-lasting galvanized metal strips and should last for 10 to 15 years. In addition it acts as a weed barrier at the edge of the plot.

Photos: Galvanized slug fence (in this example the vegetable patch is 1 m wide).

Click here for a close-up photo  which illustrates the principle.

Each strip is 1 m long and 25 cm high. The strips slot together and the modular system allows you to enclose a garden plot of any required size. Draw a furrow which is about 10 cm deep around the plot, slot the strips into each other (they should normally overlap by about 4 cm), fit the corner pieces and place the assembled slug fence into the furrow. If the strips are longer than your plot, you can overlap them by up to about 50 cm.
After installing the fence, you must remove all of the slugs which are already inside the fence. Either collect them manually (late evening is a good time – use a torch) or place a plank within the fence and collect the slugs which are hiding under the plank after a day or two. It is also important to prevent plants from growing over the fence, which provide a ”bridge” for the slugs to climb over, and to trim the grass or weeds around the perimeter of the fence.

One standard kit (box of 10 x 1 m strips and 4 corner pieces) is sufficient for an area of up to 2 x 3 m = 6 m². It is easy to add more strips to enclose a larger area.

See the pages for our distributors in Ireland und England for information on prices and delivery.

Our new 135° corner pieces (available soon in Ireland and England too) let you fence in curved plots (the standard corner pieces are 90°).

The photos on the left show an example from one of our customers.

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